The Social Health Network Awards Judging Committee is comprised of Social Health Network members, previous winners and finalists, and media representatives. When selecting the finalists, the Social Health Network Judging Committee considers:

“Fit” of the award – Describes someone who not only meets the criteria for the award but also embodies the values, qualities, or achievements that the award recognizes.

Use of social media – This award celebrates those who have effectively harnessed the power of social media to increase engagement and create meaningful interactions with the health community. 

Information sharing and overall engagement – Award for the person who serves as a shining example of excellence in the community.

There is a thorough process for choosing the Social Health Awards winners. First, they are filtered through multiple rounds of review among peers and fellow health leaders. The nominees are then narrowed down to a list of six (6) finalists in each category. From there, the finalists are passed on to the industry judges who select the winners. All decisions are final. 

The Role of Industry Judges 

Industry judges play a critical role in the awards process. We, at Health Union, thank all of the judges for sharing their time and expertise to evaluate the inspiring contributions of this amazing group of health leaders. The support and dedication of the healthcare industry judges, who embrace patient centricity and the voice of the patient, have a meaningful impact on millions of people living with chronic and complex health conditions.


Health Union is deeply appreciative of our industry judges and the commitment that they have made to our patient award nominees. Therefore, we recognize our judges publicly in a number of ways, not limited to, social media, email, and on the awards website. If you wish to remain anonymous, please see below.

We respect your decision to remain anonymous and appreciate your support in judging. When you signed up as a judge, there was a check box option to remain anonymous. If you can’t recall what you selected, or wish to change your selection, please reach out to contact@socialhealthawards.com.

Sharing your involvement in the program publicly is completely optional, but highly encouraged! Once you’ve completed the judging process, you will receive a shareable graphic to utilize should you want to post about your participation on LinkedIn.

Due to the variety of platforms, condition areas, and journeys, it’s important to remember we aren’t comparing apples to apples. You should not be comparing the number of followers or any other statistic. Instead, we ask that you focus on the content.

Reviewing a finalist’s online presence is key to completing judging. Please alert us if you have difficulties viewing profiles.

The Social Health Award winners will be announced during Health Union’s Social Health Connexion conference, a virtual event for patients only. As a valued judge, you will receive a special notification immediately following the announcement to let you know who the winners are.

We are thrilled that you participated as a judge and excited you’d like to get more involved in our program. We are always looking for help to improve our awards program, amplify patient voices, and foster valuable connections between patients and industry. If you have ideas or feedback you’d like to share, or simply want to learn about more ways to get involved with Health Union, please reach out to contact@socialhealthawards.com.